Flight Situational Awareness Viewer

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Graphical Turbulence Guidance

Computer generated 4-d forecast of likelyhood to encounter turbulence 6 hours forecast with 35 altitude slices

Graphical Icing Severity

Computer generated 4-d current/forecast icing threats 6 hours forecast with 30 altitude slices

Radar Base Reflectivity

Graphical display of echo intensity for the current hour

Flight Path Tool

Plot flight path via map and/or text input and quickly browse topdown graphical weather products along the path

Vertical Cross Section

Browse weather products in vertical representation along flight path and measure impacting distance

Aeronautical Charts

Viewable charts including: Sectional chart, Terminal Area chart, IFR Enroute High and Low chart, and IFR Area chart


Flight Situational Awareness Viewer provides better situational awareness for flight planning by providing weather products such as turbulence, icing, and radar reflectivity along with aeronautical charts and navaids.


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